Thanks for stopping by to visit Sadie the 64 Falcon.
I came by Sadie in late June 1998. She sure is a good old gal, and I’ve been mighty pleased
to have made her acquaintance.
Sadie's original hubcap
Sadie's photo album

Sadie's dealer invoice
See how Sadie got her name!

Sadie's factory build sheet
Click to see Sadie’s factory build sheet

Sadie's warranty plate
Click to see Sadie’s warranty plate

Sadie's owner's manual
Take a look through Sadie’s owner’s manual

Falcon promotional photos
The homepage of Tommy, the Blue Stallion
Sadie’s little brother, Tommy!
Mustang II
Mustang II details
The homepage of Michael Moir
Visit my family page too!

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Last updated: August 24, 2002