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OEM Mustang II V8s used a special reduced-diameter C4 bellhousing, torque converter, 141-tooth flexplate, block plate, dust cover. Also special
motor mounts, oil pan, oil pump pickup, and accessory mounting brackets.

D5ZZ-6675-APAN ASSY., Oil
D5ZZ-7007-APLATE ASSY., Engine Rear
C5DZ-7986-BCOVER, Converter
D7ZZ-7902-A *
Mustang II Converter (302: Hollander Interchange No)
TCI Automotive Breakaway 11"
TCI Automotive StreetFighter 10"
D7ZZ-7902-A *
Mustang II Converter Housing (695: Hollander Interchange No)
* No longer stocked by Ford

Replacement Flywheel Assembly
Duplicates Original Equipment in Fit & Function
NAPA Item#: BK 6005058     Price: $68.99
# of Teeth: 141     O.D.: 11-1/4"
Balance Weighted: Yes     Crankshaft Diameter: 1-1/4"
Manufacturer: Anchor Industries     Mfg Part Number: FA-22

ATP Inc. # Z251
AT-Flexplate 141 Teeth; 11.940" OD; Pitch 12; w/Wt.
Transmission shift control lever snap-in bushing (C8OZ-7341-A)
available from NAPA (BK 6151422)
Steering column selector lever bushing (C5TZ-7343-A) is still available from Ford.
There are 4 wires were coming out of the transmission. 2 Blue/Red are Neutral Safety Switch, the other 2 Black/Red are backup lights. On the old C4, sure enough 4 wires coming out of the shifter switsh on the side of the tranny. 2 Blue/Red and 2 Blk/Red. Go to this website for wiring diagrams. Look at the 66 Mustang Exterior Lighting diagram and schematic. Shows it all.

There is normally a blk/Red wire that hooks up to the fuse box through a 3 plug connector and then went through the firewall, connected to the tranny and back through the firewall then all the way back to the Backup lights. The wires ran through the drivers side door sill. You could probably rig up a manual switch if you wanted to.
Starter Unit # 150-124-25 Application FORD CARS - MUSTANG II - 5.0L(302) V8 1976-75 All - TEETH 9, STARTER Direct Drive, VOLTAGE 12, ROTATION CW
— STARTER 65/76 SMALL BLOCK W/ A/T & 69/73 250
— Brand: Bosch, Part #: F5000-25888
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