Update 7/31/2004: Tommy has now moved along to a new home. I had been busy with other things, and Tommy wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. Jack and daughter Jennifer have taken him on to greener pastures. I could tell that Tommy was excited to begin his new adventure, but I was still a little sad watching my old friend gallop off into the sunset.

Thanks for visiting Tommy’s homepage. Tommy is a 1968 Ford Mustang coupe. Sadie, my 64 Falcon, was feeling lonely in the garage. Sadie and the rest of the family are all very excited about having a little brother.

You’re probably wondering, “Why is the car named Tommy?” Well, as Sadie was named after her original owner, so was Tommy. Lisa Tomingas purchased the car in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was brought to Broomfield, Colorado by Lisa’s son Ed Tomingas sometime around 1995, who then sold him to Thomas Seitz of Longmont in May 1999. I bought him from Thomas on February 7, 2000.

Tommy’s photo album
Tommy’s repair history

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Tommy’s owner’s manual
Mustang emblem Sadie the 64 Falcon

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