This is what Sadie’s Warranty Plate looks like. The plate is located inside the driver’s door. The official Vehicle Identification Number (used for title and registration purposes) is stamped on the left front fender apron, which is under the hood in the engine compartment. The Vehicle Warranty Number should match the Vehicle Identification Number, and does on Sadie.

Sadie's Warranty Plate

The information stamped on the Warranty Plate details the following:
63C (Body) = 2-door Hardtop w/ bucket seats, Futura model
M (Color) = Wimbledon White
86 (Trim) = Black vinyl
06L (Date) = assembled November 6, 1963
51 (DSO) = ordered for Denver district
4 (Axle) = 3.25:1 rear axle ratio
3 (Trans) = 2-speed automatic transmission

From the Vehicle Warranty Number (4K11F122061) we know the following:
4 = 1964 model year
K = Kansas City assembly plant
11 = Serial body code (2-door Hardtop w/ bucket seats, Futura model)
F = Engine, 8-cylinder 260 cubic inch (low compression)
122061 = Consecutive unit number, each assembly plant starts with 100001

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