Belize January: Judy began the year on crutches (pelvic stress fracture), an omen for the rest of the year (see July and November); she received the town’s Outstanding Service to the Community Award for her years as the Chamber of Commerce Treasurer; two book clubs, the Visitor’s Center, fire department, two aging services boards of directors kept us busy throughout the year.

February: Hughes received President’s Award from Chamber for Volunteer of the Year; our family trip to Belize (on left) was outstanding success: five days in the jungle, five on the ocean, and ten days together with our entire family.

March: Judy resigned from Chamber; 2nd Big Snow annual Frozen Dead Guy Days huge success; we celebrated our birthdays with dinner at Irish pub in Boulder followed by an Irish cabaret at the Boulder Theater (thank you, M & C); St. Patrick’s Day snow biggest in anyone’s memory: 8 feet stranded us for a week. The photo on the right is at the beginning of our road.

April: Michael and Cindy joined us for a week in Sedona, hiking and biking in one of our favorite areas; we hit the runway modeling Sedona travel attire for one evening at Changes in Latitude, our favorite travel store.

May: We played hooky for a week in Scottsdale: we don’t golf, but enjoyed driving trips in the surrounding area, the botanical garden, biking, Taliesin West, and relaxing around the pool; Judy was not in condition for the Bolder-Boulder 10K for the first time in 12 years.

June: Judy began weekly hiking trips in Indian Peaks Wilderness and Rocky Mountain NP with friend Betsy each Friday (that’s the two of them below on the left on their way up to Arapaho Pass and Lake Dorothy); summer highlight (for Hughes) was a five-day San Juan River trip with grandson Griffin; they also briefly visited Arches and Canyonlands NP and, on Bear the way home, stopped in Fruita in search of Mike, the Headless Chicken; Julia and Debra came out to keep Judy and dogs company; Michael and Cindy arrived with latest addition to family: Barney, the bus stop bear, who stands expectantly by our flagpole at the front of our property.

July: Hughes finally got his knee repaired (torn meniscus fixed with arthroscopic surgery) and was day hiking before the end of the month; Michael and Hughes played again with Barker Dam Brass Band in 4th of July parade; Judy won her age group in Pearl Street Mile, the first of four races for her this year; we completed a memorable road trip in RV through Wyoming, South and North Dakota, and Montana; brought Jack home from Douglas, Wyoming.

Hiking August: Judy won two more “short races” in Boulder, in preparation for Neder-Nederland in September; saw great a New Zealand film (“Whale Rider”) that really put us in the mood for our trip there this winter; Visitors Center had busiest summer in our 14-year history; lots of neighborhood parties kept our minds off heat, dry conditions, and fire danger.

September: Judy won Neder-Nederland for 12th time; we celebrated our 42nd anniversary in grand style at Boulder’s Flagstaff House (ties and jackets, please) thanks to D & D; we packed the RV and dogs for a glorious week in the Grand Lake/Grandby area (just across the mountains from us) during one of the most spectacular aspen autumns in recent memory; lots of hiking in Rocky Mountain NP’s west side for a change.

October: Still warm and dry; got flu shots early this year in anticipation of a bad flu season here in Colorado; replaced our original wood stove with a classy new model with a glass window and blower—a great improvement; traditional Halloween snow was right on schedule.

November: dermatologist joined our GPs, dentist, and orthopedic surgeon in the effort to keep PV Photo us fit; reunion trip to Puerto Vallarta with Judy’s high school girl friends (that’s Irene, Judy, and Pat in the photo on the right) and spouses seemed to a success despite some early reservations; Thanksgiving with Michael and Cindy, cousins Ken and Carol MacKenzie, and Judy’s Aunt Margaret and her boy friend.

Dogs December: We began preparations in earnest for NZ trip next month: bought or borrowed backpacking stuff we never had (since we’ve never backpacked); Judy got her skis out for the first real snow of the year; Hughes resigned as President of Aging Services Foundation and from the county’s Aging Advisory Council to reduce pace of retirement; quiet Christmas with Michael and Cindy and dogs.

Looking back, we had a truly wonderful and busy year. We’re very grateful that our children and grandchildren are healthy and thriving and enjoying their lives; that we are surrounded by friends and family both close and far away; and that Sophie and Bella (top to bottom in the photo above left) continue to give us comfort, good company, and lots of smiles everyday. Best wishes to you for the happiest of New Years.

For those of you who were wondering, the holiday photo below is, in fact, from our climb last year to Kilimanjaro. It was such an amazing experience we wanted to prolong the enjoyment.



Judy and Hughes Moir
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