Looking at the Pictures
Te anau
    Those who have read about our previous trip to New Zealand, or any other of our trips, will find the format of the account of this trip different. We decided to make this presentation rich in pictures rather than the usual heavy text. This will be much more like a photo album with commentary on each picture.

    We took two digital cameras, several memory chips, four batteries and a battery charger. When we got home we discovered we had taken over 1,200 pictures. We deleted about 200. Of course, the remaining 1,000 or so are not all here. In fact, there are 67. They are a sampling of the places we visited, some of the people we met, what we did, and some of the interesting things we saw (like the huge statue of the rare takahe at Te Anau on the right).

    We've organized the photos that follow chronologically: The Milford Track, Touring the South Island, The Abel Tasman Track, and Touring the North Island.

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Judy and Hughes Moir
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