Introducing the revolutionary
“Nail on a Stick”
“Nail on a Stick” large size is the perfect tool for so many tough jobs.

For instance, you’ll find it indispensable for hanging bird feeders, wind chimes and other objects on hard to reach tree limbs.

And it’s the only tool you’ll use when it’s time to hang your holiday decorations, and string your outdoor lights.

The number of functions for this invaluable device are limitless!
Large size
You’ll also love our “Nail on a Stick” small size!

Have you ever been frustrated hanging a picture frame on the wall because you can’t ever seem to get it in just the spot you want?
Your troubles are over with this remarkable gizmo!

Just suspend the frame on one side of “Nail on a Stick” and position it exactly where you want it. Then apply a small amount of force to the nail producing a mark on the wall exactly where you need to hang the frame.

No more guesswork or extra holes in your wall to patch.
Get it right the first time, every time!
Small size

Order your “Nail on a Stick” today!

Large size is only $5.95.

Small size is just $3.95.

For a limited time, order our Father’s Day Special.
Get both the Large and Small sizes for a mere $7.95.
That’s a savings of almost $2.00!

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PigsEye Enterprises

Some assembly required. Stick not included.

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