Zane Grey bibliography

Arizona Ames1932
Arizona Clan, The1958-Rx-
Betty Zane [*]1955-x-
Black Mesa1955-Rx-
Blue Feather and Other Stories1961
Border Legion, The1916-Rx-
Boulder Dam1963-Rx-
Call of the Canyon, The1924-Rx-
Camp Robber and Other Stories, The1979
Captives of the Desert1952-Rx-
Code of the West1934-Rx-
Day of the Beast, The1922
Deer Stalker, The1949-Rx-
Desert Gold1913-Rx-
Desert of Wheat, The1919
Don - the Story of a Dog1928
Drift Fence, The1933-Rx-
Dude Ranger, The1951-Rx-
Fighting Caravans1929-Rx-
Forlorn River1927
Fugitive Trail, The1957-Rx-
Hash Knife Outfit, The1933-x-
Heritage of the Desert, The1910-Rx-
Horse Heaven Hill1959-x-
Knights of the Range1939-Rx-
Last of the Duanes1996
Last of the Plainsmen, The1908
Last Trail, The [*]1908-x-
Light of Western Stars, The1914-x-
Lone Star Ranger, The1915-x-
Lost Pueblo1954-Rx-
Lost Wagon Train, The1936-Rx-
Majesty’s Rancho1942-Rx-
Man of the Forest, The1920
Maverick Queen, The1950-Rx-
Mysterious Rider, The1921-Rx-
Raiders of Spanish Peaks1938-x-
Rainbow Trail, The1915-x-
Ranger and Other Stories, The1960-x-
Rangers of the Lone Star1997
Reef Girl, The1977-x-
Riders of the Purple Sage1912-Rx-
Robber’s Roost1932-x-
Rogue River Feud1948-x-
Roping Lions in the Grand Canyon1924-x-
Shadow on the Trail1946-x-
Shepherd of Guadaloupe, The1930
Spirit of the Border, The [*]1905
Stairs of Sand1943
Stranger from the Tonto1956-x-
Sunset Pass1931
Tappan’s Burro and Other Stories1923
30,000 on the Hoof1940-x-
Thunder Mountain1935-Rx-
Thundering Herd, The1925-x-
To the Last Man1921-x-
Trail Driver, The1936-x-
Twin Sombreros1941-Rx-
Under the Tonto Rim1926-x-
U.P. Trail, The1918-Rx-
Valley of Wild Horses1947-x-
Vanishing American, The1925
Wanderer of the Wasteland1923-x-
West of the Pecos1937
Western Union1939-x-
Wilderness Trek1944-x-
Wild Horse Mesa1928-x-
Wolf Tracker, The1930
Woman of the Frontier1998
[*] = Ohio River Trilogy
R = read
x = own copy(s)

Michael Moir