Louis L’Amour bibliography

A Trail to the West1986
Bendigo Shafter1978-x-
Beyond the Great Snow Mountains [*]1999
Borden Chantry1977-x-
Bowdrie [*]1983-x-
Bowdrie's Law [*]1984
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Buckskin Run [*]1981-x-
Burning Hills, The1956-x-
Californios, The1974-x-
Cherokee Trail, The1982-x-
Comstock Lode1981-x-
Crossfire Trail1954-x-
Dark Canyon1963-x-
Daybreakers, The1960-x-Sackett #3
Down the Long Hills1968-x-
Dutchman's Flat [*]1986
Education Of A Wandering Man [†]1989-x-
Empty Land, The1969-x-
End of the Drive [*]1997
Fair Blows the Wind1978-x-
Ferguson Rifle, The1971-x-
First Fast Draw, The1959-x-
From the Listening Hills [*]2003
Galloway1970-x-Sackett #11
Guns of the Timberlands1955-x-
Hanging Woman Creek1964-x-
Haunted Mesa, The1987-x-
Heller with a Gun1954-x-
High Graders, The1965-x-
High Lonesome1962-x-
Hills of Homicide, The [*]1983-x-
How the West Was Won1963-x-
Iron Marshal, The1979-x-
Jubal Sackett1985-x-Sackett #18
Key-Lock Man, The1965-x-
Kid Rodelo1966-x-
Kiowa Trail1965-x-
Lando1962-x-Sackett #5
Last of the Breed1986-x-
Last Stand at Papago Wells1957-x-
Law of the Desert Born [*]1983-x-
Lonely Men, The1969-x-Sackett #8
Lonely on the Mountain1980-x-Sackett #16
Lonesome Gods, The1983-x-
Long Ride Home [*]1989
Lonigan [*]1988-x-
Man Called Noon, The1970-x-
Man from Skibbereen, The1973-x-
Man From the Broken Hills1975-xx-Sackett #13
May There Be a Road [*]2001
Milo Talon1981-x-
Mojave Crossing1964-x-Sackett #6
Monument Rock [*]1998
Mountain Valley War, The1978-x-
Mustang Man1966-x-Sackett #10
Night Over the Solomons [*]1986
North to the Rails1971-x-
Off the Mangrove Coast [*]2000
Outlaws of Mesquite, The [*]1990
Over on the Dry Side1975-x-
Passin' Through1985-x-
Proving Trail, The1979-x-
Quick and the Dead, The1973-x-
Reilly's Luck1970-x-
Ride the Dark Trail1972-x-Sackett #14
Ride the River1983-x-Sackett #17
Rider of Lost Creek, The1976-x-
Rider of the Ruby Hills, The [*]1986-x-
Riders of High Rock, The1951
Riding for the Brand [*]1986
Rivers West1975-x-
Rustlers of West Fork, The1951-x-
Sackett1961-x-Sackett #4
Sackett Brand, The1965-x-Sackett #7
Sackett's Land1974 Sackett #1
Shadow Riders, The1982-x-
Showdown at Yellow Butte1953-x-
Silver Canyon1956-x-
Sky-Liners, The1967-x-Sackett #12
Son of a Wanted Man1984-x-
Strong Shall Live, The [*]1980-x-
Tall Stranger, The1957-x-
To Tame a Land1955-x-
To the Far Blue Mountains1976-x-Sackett #2
Trail to Crazy Man, The [*]1986-x-
Trail to Seven Pines, The1951
Treasure Mountain1973-x-Sackett #9
Trouble Shooter1952
Under the Sweetwater Rim1971-x-
Utah Blaine1954-x-
Valley of the Sun [*]1995
Walking Drum, The1984-x-
War Party [*]1975-x-
Warrior's Path, The1980-x-
West from Singapore [*]1991
West of Dodge [*]1996
West of Pilot Range1986
Westward the Tide1950-x-
Where the Long Grass Blows1976-x-
With These Hands [*]2002
Yondering [*]1980-x-
[*] = Short Stories
[†] = Non-Fiction
R = read
x = own copy(s)

Michael Moir